Almond Pear Cream Cheese Tart

PearwBooksAlmond pear cream cheese tart. Even now the words make my mouth water. The secret is to start with perfectly ripe pears. Of course, few people know (says the Internet) that pears don’t ripen on the tree. They mature on the tree and once picked they require a bit of chilling and then a bit of patience to ripen to perfection. And once this marvelous state has been achieved, here’s what you can do with your perfectly ripe pears:

Make an almond pear cream cheese tart!

Click here for the recipe.

This recipe is easy and utterly forgiving. Lacking a springform pan, I cooked it in a glass pie dish. Then, unable to wait for it to chill, we ate it right out of the oven. That’s two mistakes that I know of, but the tart was utterly luscious.




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