Final Visit

Last visit


Hi Folks,
A few weeks before Dad died, Larry and I visited him at the Assisted Living facility. He was in the late stages of Alzheimer’s and I was in the habit of jotting down things he said, sometimes because they were lovely and sometimes because I wanted to try to make sense of them later. Today I looked back at the notes from our last visit and “found” a poem. Here ’tis!


Final Visit

Dad hands me a warm rose petal,
brown, around the edges,
“Huh. Soft. Feel that.”

A withered woman asks,
“Can you open the door for me?”
But the aide says.
She’s not allowed out.”

I’ll take him out
through a different

He stops in the maple shade,
“Trees, to me, are attractive.”

“Lately, I’ve been taking
photos of people.
I’ll photo them
to nothing.”

Almost Spring.
Sun on his temple.

“My end is—
I’m carrying it, I think.
I’ll unload,
put something together,
and close up.”

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One Response to Final Visit

  1. Ginny Richardson says:

    Very special. Words that call for much reflection