Narrative Inquiry

[Storytelling] reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.
-Hanah Arendt, Men in Dark Times, 1973, p. 107

Stories are essential to our personal and collective development, so narrative is a vital part of any enterprise that seeks to understand what it means to be human. In narrative methods, science and the humanities merge, generating insights and revealing meanings that are intensely personal, broadly relevant, and inevitably fluid.

Fundamental to the narrative approach is its ability to recognize dominant narratives and to tease out counter narratives. In the drop-down menu under Narrative Inquiry, you will find some of my essays, as well as an annotated list of books and articles, that either apply or comment on narrative methods.

You might also visit the Centre for Narrative Research at University of East London. They have a listserve that provides updates on conferences, workshops, and publications.

Interesting material is also available through the Center for Narrative and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University.

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