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An Underground Life, by Gad Beck

Gab Beck 2012  Image from Wikipedia

Gab Beck 2012
Image from Wikipedia

Like so many of us, I read The Diary of Anne Frank as a young child. Her narrative of confinement and death haunted me for years – especially at night, with dreams of boots and loud knocks that left me wide-eyed and shivering.

In Beck’s memoir of heroism and survival, I found an invigorating counter narrative. As a gay Jewish man, Beck was the target of persecution; yet he worked tirelessly to save lives and help jews escape Nazi Berlin. Beck’s delightful perspective on sexuality, love, and family; his energy and unfailing devotion to humanity serve as refreshing antidotes to these cynical times.

Stephen Greco’s review might persuade you better than I can that this is a “must-read.” You’ll find it here.

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